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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Yoga: 2nd Class (Yoga Is Sexy!)

I've always loved the way my body talks to me every time I've done my yoga session. It.. really.. talks to me, seriously!

Padmanasana Pose

Had my second yoga session today. I watched what I ate today. Had heavy breakfast in the morning. Bihun goreng, some kuey teow goreng and telur mata. Then, I finished up my coupons (so that I couldn't buy any oily kuih-muih petang nanti) to buy 4 really big bananas (kena bahan sebab beli pisang besar, sengal dorang nih). And I feel wonderful after my yoga session! I just can't explained how wonderful it is. Your body feels fresh, light and.. stretched, of course. :p I really think yoga is for me. Best sangat! Today's session memang buat aku sweat to the max! Says who yoga tak sweat. Sweat tau. Really sweaty. Tapi best. 

And the best part was, some of the asanas that I couldn't do during the first class, tadi aku dah boleh buat! And I did it good! That's why I said my body is talking to me. We're communicating using poses. It's like, my body is telling me, she is getting firmer and flexible now. Kalau tak dulu, keras tak hengat! But still.. I think dancing and then climbing helped me a lot on my flexibility. I can even do the padmanasa today! Siap dapat pujian tau from my yogini. She said, for a beginner, I do most of the asanas nicely. And I hold my posture really straight while doing it. And my body can sustain the pain more than other newbies. And really, I feel sexy doing yoga. Okay, enough of masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Ahaks.

Other than the old asanas, we did learn some new asanas today. Most of it, I didn't remember what the names were. But most of all, I can do it nicely. Yoga really is for me. :) Oh, and we learned how to breathe properly. Love it!

Read more about yoga at Yoga Journal.

Esok bootcamp pulak.. adeh.. malasnyaaa.. :(

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