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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday @ The Curve

Really happy today.

Went to The Curve to meet up with my one of the oldest friend, Arlina, for a drink. Was there around 3.00pm. She came around 3.30pm. We decided to meet up at The Garden. Oh my.. lama gila tak jumpa dia. Ada laa about 5-6 years. Lama, kan? So many things to catch up. Dah lama tak jumpa, macam tu laa. We sat there for about two hours, then went jalan-jalan. I bought a blue black blouse and she bought a blue top at Nichii.

ene came around 7.30pm after his class. Arline left as she had a date with Yan later in the evening. So, ene and I went to Ikea to have hotdogs for dinner. And a half dozen of currypuff. You guys know exactly how it looks like, kan? So, no pictures as we were too hungry to do anything besides eat.

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