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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Engagement Update: Make-Up Artist (Locked for Tunang!)

Banyaknya update pasal kahwin sejak kebelakangan ni. Hehe.. sabar je laa.. Sorry if this bothers you, readers. :)

Since my tunang date is already locked (19th May 2012 y'all), I've started my adventure of calling (not to mention sms, private messaging, emailing, inbox-ing etc) each and every MUA alive in the world for my big day. Ada yang sombong, ada yang baik, ada yang tak jawab langsung hehe. Oh well, I guess they were already full, or busy, or was caught up with something, or just simply plain tolak rezeki :)

There are some works that really caught my attention. (Others I called just to compare prices). Called up Fitri Sense. Always loved his creations. Been eyeballing on him since we decided to get married. Lama tu. But I couldn't lock with him since I still don't have the date. He needs to know my date to slot me in. Kalau takde date, dia takleh masuk dalam schedule dia. That I understand. So, bila dah ada ni, baru laa boleh nak call. Andd.. Guess what? He's full on that date. :( I don't blame him, though. Aku yang lambat. Nak bertunang bulan May, bulan Februari baru terkedek-kedek cari MUA. Haih.. So.. Off to the next victim. But he gave fairly nice price, though. Only the price is a little different if you lock the date from last year. (Azila got him last year and the price difference is around RM100). Oke, takpe. Takde rezeki.

Zainul's Workmanship - iLi Yang Comel

Oh.. lupa pulak nak cerita, I've got Fitri Sence contact (Zainul) from a dear friend of mine, iLi. Cantik tau mekap dia.. haih.. kenapa la kau full cepat sangat..

Next victim is Kct Rasheed from Pesona Dirimu. Her work is also nice and I can say, Her price is the cheapest. I love her work, and she is on my kiv list.

From Kct Rasheed's Facebook Account

While browsing through my facebook livefeeds looking for updates of other MUA's page I've been bookmarked before, I came across.. Syikin Kadir! Oh my God.. how on earth I forgot everything about you, Kak Syikin. I'm so so so sorry I left you out.

Kak Syikin is actually a friend of mine who I met while doing a modeling job for her bridal house. There was this Pameran Pengantin 2011 at PICC she participated in and she needed some talents for model her collection. So, Alin, Dayang and I went to help her out.

So, I inbox-ed her and asked whether if she's free on 19th May. She said she is! :D Problem solved. She charged my quite cheap for all three event (takleh bagitau. hehe.. harga kawan-kawan, katanya :p) But I only locked for my engagement only since that's the only date yang aku dah fixed sekarang ni. For nikah and sanding, belakang cerita sebab takde date lagi, kata Kak Syikin ku sayangg.. hehe. Apa-apa pun, harga kawan-kawan di dalam tangan muahaha!

So, I paid the deposit to her so that she could block the date for me. She even updated my slot in her website! How cool is that?

Syikin Kadir Creation - Beautiful, Isn't She?

Although I've put Kak Syikin on top of my kiv list, I'm still looking around for other MUA available. A girl's gotta find what's best for her, aite? Asking around, I've got the one MUA that caught my attention. Makeupfreak. This one the work is so natural, you gonna think that's not makeup, that's just them, beautiful girls.

Makeupfreak by Adlyana - Cantik, kan?

They Even Got Makeupfreak For Their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot! Cool!

The price is quiet okay. This one will also go straight to my kiv list. :p

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