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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Yoga: 1st Class (The Introduction)

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 Today marks my very first day joining Yoga. I've always wanted to join yoga. Tapi ada je yang buat tak jadi. First, it was the fees. Classes out there usually are really expensive. It's like RM70 per month and the classes are only 1 hour per week. It's not that I can't afford it, it's just sounds not worth the money. Second, about the issues going on about Muslims mustn't join yoga and stuff. I feel like I'm obligated to listen to the fatwa since I'm a Muslim. So, now that they have cleared that up, I've no reason not to go.

AirAsia has their own yoga club. I knew it long time ago. But, I didn't care to join because of those reason. Plus, I'm a bit malu and feeling inferior to go alone. They must be good by now practicing yoga everyday.

But this year, I feel it's time for me to put those feelings behind and start doing yoga seriously. Like seriously. Yoga is good for health and flexibility. Flexibility. That's what I'm looking for :p And since, I vowed to be a healthier, a slimmer and a more beautiful me this year, I want to do my exercises more seriously. :)

So, it turned out that a lot my colleagues wanted to join. I was so happy! It won't be just me and Ajis. Wawa, Aimi, and Amy joined us too. And we met Yvonne there hehe.

Not to brag or anything, for the first class, I think I wasn't that bad, you know. I managed to follow almost all of the basic asanas. And I think, after dancing, yoga is my second best thing. :) In fast, I think, I can be that flexible because of my dancing days. And also not to forget, my climbing days. :)

Since, I've put a stop to my dancing and climbing. Other than running, I guess I'm gonna do yoga seriously. Plus, I feel yoga is sexy, don't you think? ;p

I've started reading about yoga. Just for you guys to get more info about yoga, head on to Yoga with Rodney Yee. There are lotsa articles about yogaif you wanna know more. Just google. :)

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