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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Owen's Visit to the Vet

Three major things I did today and I'm so relieved I've done it. Been thinking to do those things weekends after weekends tapi asyik tak sempat je. Since it's gonna be a very long entry, I'm gonna separate them in three entries. Here's the link if you wanna read it up. Read it! I went to the vet in the morning, went shopping for artificial flowers for hantaran after lunch and ordered some furniture at Wescourt after that.

So, I wrote about my newly addition to my cat's family, Owen, the orangey obedient male cat that just came to my house. He's a three-legged cat who came to my house curi-curi makan and mengorat my Cleo. There is something wrong with the hind leg. Looks like he injured his leg in an accident or something. But there's no open wound or cut. The leg looks fine to me just that he doesn't use it. Whenever he wants to move, he'll pull in his leg so that it won't touch the ground. Mesti sebab sakit. Poor thing.

Sian Kat Kaki Dia..

So, couldn't stand looking at him, Irfan and I brought him to the vet. After examining him, the vet told us that it's an old injury. Looks like he's got bitten. Maybe while fighting. Memang ada kucing pun suka kacau dia kat sini. Greyish colour. Very naughty. Vet cakap he more or less couldn't do anything since it's an old injury. Tendon dah keras and muscles is wasted. It looks like the achilles tendon dah putus and the vet takleh nak buat apa-apa. If bagi ubat pun, tak sure boleh baik ke tak sebab dah lama. Look like already 30 days.

Sukanya Tidur Dalam Bakul Motor :p

So, as a trial, he gave Owen some medicine for muscles, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. The medicine is for 10 days. If Owen responds to the medicine, then alhamdulillah. Otherwise, we have to let it be. The vet pun cakap. There's no open wound and this is just tendon injury. So, other than some difficulties to walk and run properly there will be no other complication. So, more or less, Owen will be walking on three legs for the rest of his life. Oh well.. aku cuba as hard as I can to heal you. But if takleh jugak. I really am sorry, Owen. The vet gave some ubat kurap sekali. Cream type. He didn't dare to give Owen an injection since the medication is on-going. Takut ada side effects pulak.

Owen's Medicine. Get Well Soon, Deary.

Banyak, kan? Haih.. aku memang takleh tengok kucing sakit. Jadik kesian sangat sebab knowing they're just animals and can't take care of themselves. So, terbang laa RM95 duit aku. Oh one more thing. While Owen's is on medication. He needs to use less of his muscles. So the vet advice to confine him in a cage so that he doesn't move too much. Asked the vet if he could supply cage, the price is RM55. But when it comes to payment time, he gave me a discount price at RM50 sebab he appreciates my effort in helping strays. Hehe. Berbunga kejap hati bila tau ada jugak orang appreciate. :)


  1. AWAK...klinik nie okay ke???? mahal tak n doc die baik tak?? =)

    1. Okay sangat Sharz! doctor dia indian guy. sangat baik. pastu tak overpriced. aritu bawak leo dengan cleo de-worm, buang kutu n buang kurap, cuma rm30 je utk dua cat. murah, kan :)


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