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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Engagement Update: Merisik!

First day at work after four days of holiday. Best gila.

Empat hari yang paling tak produktif. Langsung tak buat apa-apa. Padahal kerja banyak je. Rumah tak habis kemas lagi. Barang pelamin, bunga hantaran, kain decoration semua tak beli lagi. Patutnya pergi beli this long holiday. Satu haprak pun tak buat. Tak tau kenapa but I was so lazy over the weekend. Satu benda je yang success dalam empat hari ni. Aku dah habis main Plant vs. Zombies. Siap dah start second round. Siap dah beli semua plant kat Zen Garden. Pathetic, I know.

I'm addicted to this game until to the extend I left it on during the night so that my snail could collect coins while I was sleeping. Bangun-bangun je coins dah dekat sepoloh ribu! Hehehe. Lepas tu, boleh beli new upgrades. Tu je laa kerja aku empat hari ni.

Someone is so rajin creating this sample of all the plants in one screenshot and it is sweeeett! Thanks, unknown dude! I love this! I've got all the plants already since I've finished the rounds, kan. :p The game is so colourful and the plants are so cute and the zombies are just.. well, you really wanna kill them! It's genius! So, guys.. sila lah try main.

The Complete Characters (Without the Villains)

Mama was very a bit worried about me for staying in my room the whole day playing game in front of my pc and not going out like the usual. Hahaha.. mama mama.. risau benar. Kalau dalam sehari tu, 3-4 kali dia jengah bilik aku tengok am I still breathing or not :p She suspected ene and I had a fight, so sebab tu aku duduk dalam bilik tak keluar-keluar. Siap tanya, tak boring ke duduk kat rumah je? Kelakar tak ahahaha..

I decided not to call ene ajak keluar sebab I was kinda taking my time out. Too many things happened last week that made me feel so stressed out thinking about this wedding. ene can be really inconsiderate sometimes, that's all I can say. I can really explode kalau ikutkan hati. Oh well, I guess this is one of his negative side I have to learn to love if I was planning to spend my life with him..

The good thing about him is he always realize it whenever I'm upset about that something and he'll come around and will try to talk about it. So, I guess it isn't that bad, huh?

Okay, enough blabbering. Here's the update. Since, we didn't meet up this long cuti, ene called me almost everyday. We talked on the phone alot (See, I told you.. It doesn't look that bad, right?). So, ene told me his mother wanted to come over to discuss things about our wedding with my parents. Takut okeeeeeyyyyy. He asked me to find a suitable date somewhere in March in one of the weekends. Ni kira merisik laa ni, kan?

Okay.. there is so much to do at home. Since they are coming in March, I've like exactly one month to kemas-kemas rumah. Next weekend, I'm planning to order the furniture mama and I went searching for last week. Dinner table set, TV rack dengan rak kasut. Carpet to add in the list.

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