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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Original Bootcamp: 1st Session (The Introduction)

Muscles cramp. Tired body. Sleepy eyes. Starving tummy. Painful arms.

That's how I feel now. Just got back home from my very first bootcamp session. Semalam dah yoga, today bootcamp pulak. *Mahu kurus sebab nak kahwin punya pasal, so tanggung.*

I didn't know bootcamp will be so cool. Just the first session, we've done 8 types of crunch workout, it feels so good! Tak sangka I'm quite fit. Hehee. I thought I can't never do those. Well, I must be thankful for my running and climbing, I guess. Eventhough the after effects from yoga is quite painful, but I don't really feel the stress to do those crunches. I love it! (Plus, the commander was really cute. :p)

I know, I know, I said it before I didn't wanna go. But then, Yeen made me realized. Orang bayar beratus-ratus kat luar just to get in the bootcamp. Kita yang dapat free je kat sini, tak nak join. Apa laa.. Besides, my preparation to be a slimmer, more beautiful bride in hujung tahun made me changed my mind. So, here I am. Pumping and humping like a mad girl on the AirAsia Academy field.

I'm gonna go again next week, that's for sure. Original Bootcamp, bring it on!

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