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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Farewell, Dear Kitty..

Hari detink with ene today. We were so excited to see each other today (despite my kitty's sick :( ). Sebab we've not seeing each other for like two weeks, okay! Lama tuu.. Rindu sangat. Sangat-sangat. Tapi best. Sebab bila jumpa, there're so many thing to be talked about and rasa satu hari tu macam tak cukup je. Warning: this entry would be one hell of an entry.

ene picked me up around 1.00pm. I told ene I didn't have my car with me since abah needed to use it to go run some errands. So, ene came and pick me up (pancing-pancing him the night before saying, I'm gonna take the tren to KL if we were to go to KL area. He said he'll pick me up. Gatai mung :p). I was so excited to see ene pull off in front of my house. Walaupun dalam hati ada sikit tersentak-sentak bila teringat pasal Maximus. The vet said he'll be calling me around petang-petang to give me an update about Maximus. I really hope he'll be calling me to give me good news, even though I know that will be a miracle if it happens.. I really pray hard for you, dear kitty.. :(

We reached Sunway Pyramid around 2.00pm. Penat gila cari parking. Went to McD sebab ene hadn't had anything for lunch yet. He had double chicken prosperity burger. And I had strawberry sunday. Haishh iLa. Tengah sedap-sedap makan eskrem, my phone rang. It was the vet. Mula laa jantung aku macam nak pecah. I reluctantly picked up the call.

Me: Hello?
Vet: Hello, Zila Zainal?
Me: Ye, saya. (Menjawab dengan penuh debaran).
Vet: I'm calling from Pusat Veterinar Puncak Jalil. Your cat, Maximus.. (there was a pause there, not a good sign) he just died 2-3 minutes ago..
Me: Ooo.. (pause juga) okayy.. I takde kat rumah right now, I'll send somebody to pick him up laa.. (Mixed feelings now).
Vet: Okay.. I'm so sorry ya..
Me: It's okay. We already know this is coming.. Thanks ya..
Vet: Okay, bye.
Me: Bye..

Told ene about it. We had a moment of silence. Then I cried. ene tried to comfort me and try to change topics so that I won't cry as much. One thing he said that put my mind at ease, 'All cats go to heaven'. Thanks, Sayang. At least, he wouldn't suffer living in this cruel world.

Called abang mintak tolong dia pick up Maximus at the clinic. Luckily abang ada at home. Kalau tak, tak tau la siapa nak amik that poor kitty. Thanks, Abang. Told abang to pay first, wrapped Maximus in a paper then simpan for a while until I got home. Nasib baik abang tak marah he had to do those things. An hour after that, he mms me a picture. Maximus. He buried my Maximus. Abang, you've saved me from being drenched with tears again. Thank you. Maximus, I seriously will miss you. So much. No more panjat-panjat grill dapur. No more meowing at my feet. No more panjat tingkap depan to get in. No more dengar mama marah-marah about him. No more Maximus.. Rip kitty. I will remember you till the end..

After that, we went jalan-jalan pusing-pusing looking for our barang hantaran as usual. Barang aku tinggal kasut je. So, memang aku cari kedai kasut je laa. Went to Charles and Keith and Aldo. Both kedais got nice stilettos yang sesuai untuk di letak atas dulang. But I decided to wait. Banyak lagi masa. After all, it's just kasut. Kasut senang nak cari. Sambil-sambil tu, we went looking for ene things. Barang dia banyak lagi tak cover. Kasut takde lagi, wallet takde lagi, Belt takde lagi. Tatau laa tu, bila lagi nak beli. Semuanya tak berkenan di hati. Haihh.. Sayang.. Sayang.. Sabar je laa.

Dah penat pusing satu Pyramid, we then went for coffee at Starbucks. I had Caramel Ice Blended and ene had the new Valencia Machiato. Not so good. Macam rasa green tea pulak sikit. A lot of thing we discussed while having our coffee. Too much input in a day. Pening. Will update tomorrow ya. Kang panjang-panjang sangat takde siapa pulak nak baca.

We sat there about two hours then we head to the Crispy Popiah stall to have some snack. Nak early dinner tapi still feeling full. So, snacking aje laa. Thought of ordering two rolls of the normal crispy popiah, then the girl asked if we wanted to try the new egg roll. Boleh laa.. So we had one normal roll and another one is the new egg roll.

Egg Roll and Normal Crispy Popiah RM6

The egg roll is the one which has got the sauce on top of it. It is somekind of sambal petis with udang kering. Sedap gila. Will go and get some more next week. We bought a bottle of mineral water there and altogether is RM8.

We decided to go home after that. Tiba-tiba nak bayar parking, ticket unreadable laa pulak.. haihh. Went to some few more autopay machine pun still takleh. Last-last, ene went to the carpark help desk counter. Settled.

Reached home around 8.00pm. Sampai kat area rumah je terus rasa sedih balik. Teringat kat Maximus. Haih. I can never forget you, dear. Writing this entry pun really makes me sad. Anyhow, aku betul-betul rasa ralat kenapa aku tak bawak dia awal-awal lagi pergi clinic. Oh well.. tak guna pun menyesal kan.. Apa-apa aku rasa happy sebab dapat mandikan dia a day before dia pergi. Takpelaa.. I still got two more that I can save. I really hope Cleopatra and Leonardo boleh tahan until this weekend.Jangan sedih-sedih, iLa. You have more things to settle for your wedding, right? After all, all cats go to heaven. Rest in peace my dear friend. Nothing can hurt you anymore, kitty. Love always..

Rest in Peace, Buddy.


  1. cian kat zila..kadang2 kite pon takleh nak buat ape bile kucing sakit..mungkin ade hikmah semua nie...semua nie dugaan untuk kita rasa bila kehilangan sesuatu.. =)

    1. Betul.. dugaan.. bila kucing kita mati, untuk sedapkan hati, kita selalu cakap kat diri sendiri.. 'takpe, semua binatang, kalau mati, diorang masuk syurga. lagi baik daripada dok kat dunia ni dengan penyakit.' lepas tu sure kita tak jadi nangis dah :)


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