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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fast and Cheap Saturday Night Dinner

Mama wanted to make roti john tonight. So, she went to Giant with abah and Irfan looking for things to buy. Minced meat, spring onions, eggs and stuff. When they came home. These were on the dining table.

Didi's Ayam Masak Merah, Price Sudah Tanggal.

Irfan's Black Pepper Chicken, Price Juga Sudah Tanggal.

Mine's Fish n' Chip, RM2.99. Original Price RM5.99.

Abah's Chicken Chop, RM3.15. Original Price RM6.29.

Mama's Same As Mine.

Look at the price. Really cheap, right? They bought this at Giant. They went around 8.30pm something so all the food are on their clearance sale. Murah gila. So, mama bought this instead of barang-barang untuk buat roti john. Cheap and easy. Kenyang pun kenyang. So, time tengah malas-malas nak masak tu, you guys should try this.

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