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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday @ The Curve

Dah lama gila tak tengok movie.

Hari ni aku tengok movie. With ene. A romantic comedy, can you believe it? Hehe.. A movie named This Means War. Starring Reese Witherspoon (i like!), Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Actually, ene didn't know that it was a romantic comedy movie. He thought it was an action movie seeing the poster. I knew it was a romantic comedy + very little action scene. (Hehe!) I meant, come onn.. it's Reese Witherspoon, for god's sake. Takkan action movie pulak. =p

ene ended up napping most of the time. I ended up enjoying every second of the movie. It was the kind of movie I like. A bit romantic, more humorous. Love it! Brilliant! Dah lama tak tengok storyline macam ni. Macam boleh tengok second time je.

So, guys. I recommended this movie for you guys pergi tengok. Kalau tak nak tengok dengan boyfriend pun, pergi dengan kawan-kawan pun best!

Our show was at 1.30pm. We were done at 3.00pm. We went to Ikea to have hotdog for lunch. Hotdog lagi. Oh currypuffs juga! A half dozen more =p I just can't get enough of the just-off-the-fryer-puffs!

Later in the evening, ene told me something. Something that made me smile the whole day. He came clean with his boys about our wedding plan. I'm so excited to hear it! They were so surprise and memang tak budget langsung. They thought it would be a next year or another two years plan since ene keep telling them he's not ready to get married yet. Tiba-tiba, tup-tup bagitau nak tunang. Mana laa diorang tak terkejut beruk hehe.

Asked ene why suddenly he decided to come clean with his boys. He said, "Banyak susah dari senang kalau berahsia. Nak discuss susah, nak ajak pergi kursus kahwin susah." Haaa.. tau pun. Hahahaa.. Nasib baik sedar sendiri.

Aprt from that, we were surprised as well. Shah rupanya nak merisik Huda this coming Sunday. Hahaha.. rupa-rupanya he himself has a secret to tell. Ciss.. memang tak nak kalah rupanya. Anyways, we are so happy for him. And the boys are so happy for us as well. Other than some talk about losing some kakis to lepak-lepak, they are good with the plan. Siap dah ada plan nak crash rumah kitorang bila dah kahwin nanti hahaha.. :)

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