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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Engagement Update: Some Changes To Be Made

I've decided on some things today:

1. For the doorgift: I've decided to give out bunga rampai. Masukkan dalam mug, then wrapped them with pink coloured net. - The original idea was to put in cupcakes inside the mugs, then to put the mugs in ready-made pouch. Since cupcakes and ready-made pouch are expensive, mula laa keluar idea baru =p

2. For dais, catering and canopy: I'll be giving the responsibility of the search of pelamin and canopy to abah and mama. Aku nak buat apa pun semua tak cantik. Semua tak kena. Kita tengok je laa taste diorang macam mana. As far as I can see now, it's not what I've always wanted. Lain gila. Taste orang dulu dengan orang sekarang, if you knew what I meant. Tapi takkan nak sebut pulak. Kang kecik hati. Layankan je laa walaupun hati ni bagai dihiris-hiris. For catering, abah wanted to hire Renal and Memey. Hope everthing goes on plan.

3. For hantaran: Will be adding a towel to the list. Tak larat pulak semuanya food manis-manis.

That's it for now.

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