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Friday, 10 February 2012

Engagement Update: Merisik (The Date!)

As I was told, ene needs me to find a suitable date somewhere in March for his family to come for merisik. So, I started digging out my calendar to see if there was any slot available. There are five weekends in March. And boy.. I didn't know I'm gonna be that busy in March.

The first weekend:
03/03/12 Saturday:
- Ada Festival Pengantin Malaysia 2012 kat Jusco Aeon AU2, Setiawangsa. Takut dorang ajak pergi tengok-tengok (mimpi laa).
- Memang tak boleh. Need to run around to settle the furniture thingy. And to make sure they'll be sent to my house before anything.

04/03/12 Sunday:
- Alun's wedding at Dewan Bakuet MBSA, Shah Alam.

The second weekend:
10/03/12 Saturday:
- Najlaa's Wedding at Taman Kepong Indah.
- Need to run to The Curve to pick up the Brooks Half Marathon 2012 racekit.

11/03/12 Sunday:
- Brooks Half Marathon 2012, Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Both days: Abang and Effa won't be here as they'll be in Langkawi for second honeymoon. They need to be here. Need abang to tolong kemas-kemas rumah and helping out some carpenting stuff. Effa needs to tolong masak-masak sebelum ene's family arrive.

The third weekend:
17/03/12 Saturday:
18/03/12 Sunday:

The fourth weekend:
24/03/12 Saturday:
- Amy's bachelorette party/ hen's nite/ bridal shower at TGI Friday's, Alamanda. Ha amik kau.

25/03/12 Sunday:

The fifth weekend:
31/03/12 Saturday:
- Amy and Syedzul's Reception at Seremban, Negri Sembilan.

01/04/12 Sunday:

Techically, yang free are the third or the fourth weekend. Most probably will choose the third. Bukan apa, cepat selesai, cepat laa lega aku. Hope everything goes according to plan. Fuhhhh. Amin. Kena pikir nih nak masak apa bila diorang datang. Pening kepala nak amik hati bakal mak mertua. Haihh..

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