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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stay Strong, Dear Maximus..

Just got back from the vet. Haihh.. Bangun-bangun pagi tadi, as usual, jengah kat luar looking for my three anak-anak, Maximus, Leonardo and Cleopatra. Semua tengah melepak ketiduran. Bukak je pintu, as usual, semua nak menerpa masuk. Except for Maximus. Yang lain semua dah masuk, he just sat there silently. This is not a good sign. What happened to you, deary?

Lepas bagi makan Leo and Cleo, went back to Max to check on him. He was so lembik. Sitting in a position which sick cats always sit. Tangan kaki semua simpan ke dalam. Oh what's wrong with you, deary? Risaunya..

I decided to bring him to the vet. Dah lama sebenarnya niat nak bawak all of them to the vet to treat their kutus and kuraps. Tapi, asyik delay je. Mama always reminded me to bring them sebab it was actually my nazar to bring them all after I've got my bonus. Oh Max, I hope I'm still not too late.

Kereta takde, abah drove my car to run some errands. So, I asked abang to send me there. Nasib baik abang ada. Thanks, abang. I wrapped Max with a small face towel, then got him in the car. Sampai kat vet, his condition still the same. Very weak. Meowing sometimes. When I put him on the stainless steel table, he crawled slowly on the towel. Sejuk agaknya. So I put him in the towel then wrapped him up. Waited and waited. Lambat pulak vet nih. Max is waiting ni, cepat laa vet. I felt like crying looking at him. He is so quiet unlike the usual, he was the noisiest, the naughtiest of all. After I wrapped him up, he crawled closely next to me. Looking at me, then meowed. Oh this really breaks my heart.. :(

So, the vet came and checked him out. And found out got is having jaundice. Ohh.. I felt like crying. I know jaundice, when the condition is like this, it is a dead end. I just know. The doctor wanted to keep him here. Keep on eye on him. I thought it's better that way. At least, there is a place for him to get treatment. Simpan kat rumah pun, takde siapa nak jaga dia. I'm going out with ene in a while and Max is not supposed to mix with his other siblings in a condition like this.

So the vet put a drip on him since he's too skinny and tak nak makan. Then jap him vitamin B Complex. Then put a warm water bag under his towel. He doesn't have fever, he's got hypothermia which is worse because max body temperature colder than the usual. That explained the crawling on the towel just now.

When the doctor gave him the japs, he didn't budge that much. And at this moment of time, I know what is coming already. It's just that I felt so bad for not bringing him earlier to the vet, I just asked the doctor to proceed for any treatment needed at any costs. Padahal niat dah lama ada nak bawak these little guys. Sheesh.. Max. I'm so sorry boy..

The doctor speaking frankly to me as well when I asked the percentage to recover. And I accept it. I know Max's not doing well, but I still pray hard for him. So, I left him at the vet as per advised. The vet said he will call late in the evening to update me about Max condition.

On my way back home, I cried. Menyesal sangat why I didn't bring him earlier. Oh well, menyesal dahulu pendapatan kan.. I really hope Leo and Cleo boleh bertahan until next weekend. Looks like they are healthy. Vet tutup petang so there's no way aku sempat nak bawak diorang pergi vet. They really have to wait until next weekend. Bertahan ye..

Need to go now.. ene is coming in an hour. Pray for my Maximus, guys..

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