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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kiss & Make Up (Peribahasa je laa) :p

He asked me out on a date. A makan-makan date. A Subway date.

On a non-futsal day? Coming here just nak makan je? Rajinnya. Pelik.

I said yes. Even though I have a yoga class today. Kinda missed him but still a little mad at him. Of whatsoever reasons.

And I think he knew.

He picked me up at 8.00pm. He came an half hour early and had to wait while I'm getting ready.

Dia tak marah pun kena tunggu :p

Didn't talk much along the way to Subway.

Didn't talk at all while having my delicious Subway. Merajuk, merajuk jugak. Makan kena jugak. Kang lapar :p

Didn't talk again while we were having our coffee at Pak Ali.

And all those while I can see him staring at me as though was thinking hard of how to say it.

And then he said it.

He was sorry.. and never meant to hurt my feelings.


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